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SFSA Requirements and Procedures

1. Admission is a privilege and not a right, and is discretionary upon the school, which is not charged with the legal responsibility of providing education to those who do not satisfy its admission requirements (Revised Manual of Regulations for Private Schools, Sec.117).
2. Private schools have the right to impose other rules and regulations for the admission of students aside from the entrance examination.
3. Every school has a right to determine which applicants it shall accept for enrollment. It has a right to judge the fitness of students seeking admission and re-admission. A student’s failure to satisfy the academic standard the school sets shall be a legal ground for its refusal to re-admit him.


1. Must have appropriately passed the previous Academic Year preferably with an average of 82.
2. Must have a grade in Conduct of at least 82% or its equivalent.
3. Must present the proper document of eligibiity (Report Card) and Good Moral Character from the Principal of the previous school.
4. Must present original and photocopy of Birth Certificate, and if and when available, also Baptismal Certificate of the child.
5. Must qualify in the entrance examinations.


After the two-week period from the opening of classes, no further enrollment will be allowed, without prejudice however to subsequent transfer by an enrolled student from one school to another during the school year, provided the consent of both schools is obtained. As a general rule, interschool transfer after the enrollment period is discouraged, especially in the cases of student who are expected to graduate from a course of study during the school year at the secondary or tertiary levels of formal education (RMRPS, Sec. 119).
1. Must fulfill the requirements stated in nos. 1-4 on new students.
2. Must be a regular student, i.e., no back subjects.


1. Must have a grade in Conduct not lower than C+ or its equivalent.
2. Students who lacked the necessary units must have taken the failed subjects and passed during summer. Students who fail this requirement shall be refused admission to the next grade level.


Probation is the observation status given to a pupil / student in a certain period of time for improvement. This may be ACADEMIC or CONDUCT in nature.
Academic probation is normally given to pupil / student who did not perform well in their entrance examination, or to pupil / student who had taken summer with a grade below 80%; year-long strict academic probation is given to newly-admitted pupils / students with failure(s) from their previous school of attendance in any grading period except for the final grade.
Conduct probation is primarily behavioral in nature: this may be STRICT PROBATION (normally lasting for the entire school year, with the understanding that if the student receives any suspension, the school will make a recommendation for transfer) or simple PROBATION (given in certain number of quarters).A pupil / student may be readmitted on PROBATIONARY STATUS on the conditions that said pupil / student:
1. shows an average rating of 82% in academics, as well as in Conduct
2. must be favorably recommended by the Committee on Academic Performance/Discipline (composed of the Principal, Subject Area Coordinators / Team Leaders, Advisers, Subject Teachers, and Prefect of Students).


1. A rating in Conduct lower than C or its equivalent;
a. All educational institutions shall teach the rights and duties of citizenship, strengthen ethical and spiritual values, develop moral character and personal discipline” (Philippine Constitution, Art. XIV, sec. 3)
b. Behavior and Measures of Discipline
c. Disciplinary Measures
2. Habitual delay and/or failure in paying school financial obligations;
3. Membership and/or involvement in any organization, fraternity/sorority, gangs and other similar dubious organization;
4. Habitual and/or deliberate non-attendance in school-calendared activities without the school’s approval;
5. Those who took summer classes in another school without permission from the Principal/Registrar;
6. Students who received three suspensions; and
7. Recommendation by the Academic/Conduct Deliberation Committee due to poor academic and/or behavioral performance.


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