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School Hymn

Lyrics By:Mr. Welfredo A. Cunanan

Tune By: Mr. Raffy Teves


Fransalian Hymn

I’m looking for a place to stay

Where learning is fun and gay

Great challenges along the way

I finally found it today.


St. Francis de Sales

I’ll start my journey here with you

Sharpen my mind and build my life

Making me a wonderful child.


St. Francis de Sales

We will be the best we can be

Through your guidance, with your light

We will be this nation’s pride.


Now that I am here at last

Our family that’s build on trust

We can make our dreams come true

It’s because of you.




Harmony Prayer

Oh, Lord I cried for peace

Purified my eyes to see peace

Purified my mind to understand peace

Purified my heart to love peace

Purified my memory to work for peace

The peace that come from your love and compassion

Oh, Lord sustain my vision of peace

Following your inspiration

You have many ways of revealing your

presence and love for humanity

But your style is constant

Your are in dialog with all you care for all

Make me oh Lord a sign of your peace

Living alive in dialog with you to understand

your silence and seek your presence

In dialog with myself to rediscover the meaning of my life

In dialog with others to move together in harmony with all

An in dialog with creation to care for the Earth

Give me oh Lord a courage to live in dialog

In the midst of division and conflicts

And to build peace with all people of sincere

hearts who believe in your love and compassion.





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