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Grades One to Ten Grading System (DepEd Order # 8, s. 2015)
Weight of the Components for Grades 1 – 10

  • CLE
  • English
  • Filipino
  • AP
  • EsP
  • Science
  • Math
  •  EPP / TLE/ Computer


For levels with DLP:
o DLP LAS 40%
o DLP Portfolio10%
o Short & Long Test 50%
(Written and / or Oral)

For levels without DLP: short and long summative tests – 100%

30% 40% 20-%
Performance Tasks
o Transfer Tasks
o Reflection Paper
o Experiments & Investigatory Projects
o Hands – on / Actual Tasks
o Projects
50% 40% 60%
Quarterly Assessments
o Periodical Exams
20% 20% 20%

At the end of four quarters, the Final Grade for each learning area shall be reported as the average of the four quarterly ratings, expressed in numeric. The general average shall be the average of the final grades of the different learning areas, also expressed in equivalents. (DepEd Order no. 8 s. 2015)
The school shall comply with the guidelines set by the DepEd regarding awarding of honors, promotion and retention of students in both elementary and Junior High School levels.


Conduct Grade
The grades in Conduct/Deportment are conducted by each subject teacher and adviser using the following character and scale.
? Care and Concern
? Charity and Piety
? Courtesy and Cordiality
? Obedience and Responsibility
? Decorum and Demeanor

A +          100 – 96            B-           83 – 81
A               95 – 93            C +         80 – 78
A -             92 – 90            C            77 – 75
B +            89 – 87            C -          74 – 72
B               86 – 84            D            71 below

Evaluation of Co/Extra-Curricular Activities
In recognition of the leadership skills, services and participation of the pupils/students in different competitions the following points in the area of co-curricular activities performance shall be granted to the graduating students/pupils vying for honors in the elementary and secondary levels.

Computations of points shall be cumulative. However, points for concurrent positions held in violation of existing DepEd policies shall not be considered, in which case only the position with the highest point shall be included. (Section 8, Article VII, DepED Order No. 79, s. 2009 on the Revised Constitution and By-laws of the Supreme Student Government in Secondary Schools).
To be considered as points, copies of all documentary and evidentiary requirements (DepED Order, DepED Memorandum, written authorization from School Head, certificates, medals, trophies, plaques and others) shall be presented.
To be considered as points, officers in organizations seeking ranking shall present an accomplishment report verified thru certifications by proper authorities.

Honors and Awards
To inspire the students to attain the highest level of achievement, RCBN-ES recognizes students who have shown splendid performance in academics, co-curricular activities, or both and in other special skills.

GRADES 1 to 10
Every grading period, the pupils / students will be ranked based on their academic performance. Top Ten pupils / students for every quarter will be given a Certificate of Merit at the end of the 1st to 4th quarters per level based on the general weighted average and their conduct rating.

At the end of the school year, the following awards are given to deserving students:
a. Values Awards- are given to the students for exemplary behavior in dealing with teachers, classmates, school staff and others. Awardees should exemplify good values and right conduct of every growing Catholic student. Being a Catholic school, the following values are given primary importance:
     Most Humble
     Most Exuberant
    Most Amiable
    Most Responsible
    Most Trustworthy
b. Academic Awards –are given to the top three pupils / students with the highest general average for the whole school year.
    1st Honors
   2nd Honors
   3rd Honors

Best in Subject Award – is given to pupils / students in every level who have gotten a grade not lower than 85% in conduct in every grading period and have excelled over and above his/her peers in specific fields, namely:

* Filipino * AP (G 4 - 5, G7 - 9)
* English * Computer
* Mathematics * HELE/TLE
* Science


i. Values Awards

      Most Humble
     Most Exuberant
     Most Amiable
     Most Responsible
    Most Trustworthy

Academic Awards
1st Honorable Mention
2nd Honorable Mention
3rd Honorable Mention
iii. Best in Subject Awards
CLE Math Filipino
English Science Computer
HELE/TLE Araling Panlipunan MAPEH

Special Awards for Grade 10
? Loyalty Award - is given to a graduating Junior High School student who has continuously studied in our school from kinder to Grade 10. The same award is also given to graduating elementary students of RCS SILCS, & SFDSA who have stayed in the school from Kinder to Grade 6.

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