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Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education lays the most important foundation for the basic education of the children. For the first level (Pre-Nursery) and the second level (Nursery) of Early Childhood Education, we emphasize values formation and skills development. Skills development includes physical and motor skills development, social development, cognitive and language development. At different stages the child slowly develops according to his own pacing to be able to cope with academic competencies which begins at the third level (KINDER)
The RCBN-ES ECE focuses on preparing the early learner to be able to meet the academic challenges in the Elementary and Secondary Levels of Basic Education. RCBNES follows the integrated approach to the development of the values and other learning competencies using Developmentally Appropriate Practices for the ECE Level. Thus, in the assessment of the Early Learner the same principle is applied. The skills which are embedded in the various learning areas are evaluated based on the progress of the child. The progress is rated on five levels of proficiency which are as follows :

NYO             Not Yet Observed      

B                  Beginning                                            74% and below
D                  Developing                                          75% - 79%
AP               Approaching Proficiency                 80% - 84%
P                 Proficiency                                           85% - 89%
A                 Advanced                                             90% and above

ECE (Nursery and Kinder)
Given to pupils who have shown outstanding performance in skills development (70%) and values development (30%) in a stretch of four (4) quarters.
The number of top achievers per quarter is based on the consolidated number of enrollees. Top five (5) are declared if the enrollment is below 35 and top 10 are declared if enrollment is 35 and above.

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